IEEE Future Networks World Forum
On-Demand through 15 November 2022

OGA3: Gaming & Entertainment Powered by Edge AI

12 October 2022 // 16:00 – 17:30


The Open Grid brings exciting possibilities for new, highly-immersive personal, group and live e-sports gaming.


Lilia Jemai, Artificial Intelligence Expert, Mitacs


  • Harold Dumur, Founder & CEO
  • Jean-François Connolly, AI Advisor – IVADO / CTO – Paralog Studio
  • Marc Meunier, Sr. Manager SW Ecosystem Development
  • Sacha Leprêtre, CTO Presagis


Harold Dumur received his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from Laval University in 2011. In 2014, he founded the company OVA, which creates StellarX, which enables companies to create immersive and mixed reality content with drag-and-drop 3D objects. It empowers companies to save costs and time associated with training employees or clients by leveraging their digital twins. In 2017, he presented the StellarX platform at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Then, in 2018, OVA was placed among the top 3% of virtual reality startups worldwide, according to HTC-Vive. Finally, in 2019, OVA was named Startup of the Year by the OCTAS and last year, OVA received the Serious Play Awards 2020-2021.


Interested in everything related to machine learning, from algorithm development to product marketing, Jean-François Connolly has accumulated more than 15 years of experience in this field through his studies (M. Sc. A. in applied mathematics and Ph. D. in face recognition) and work experiences (natural language processing and Ad Tech). After having been in charge of entrepreneurship at IVADO for three years, he is now, part-time, in charge of the customized training programs. The rest of his time is dedicated to starting Paralog Studio, a video game company with a technological platform to automate content creation.


Lilia Jemai, National Artificial Intelligence Account Manager at Mitacs. She is responsible for Mitacs’ AI strategy, large-scale projects and strategic accounts. She holds 3 research Master’s degrees and 12 years of experience in data valorization, artificial intelligence and decision support technologies, including 9 years in research and higher education. She also has 6 years of expertise and experience in innovation and artificial intelligence consulting.


An engineer at heart with a passion for innovation, Marc is never far from a soldering iron or a pile of design books. After years of leading engineering teams in live-video production, mobile devices, and Fintech, Marc gravitated towards intercompany leadership roles that focus on common architectures to accelerate high tech innovation. As the Senior Manager of SW Ecosystem Development, Marc leads projects in security and networking as part of the Infrastructure line of business at Arm. Marc also leads developments in cloud native security with Parsec, a maturing project that is the pillar for Edge deployments. To nurture a global framework for these projects, Marc sits on the governing board for the Confidential Compute Consortium and Magma Core Foundation.


Sacha Leprêtre is Presagis’ Chief Technology Officer leading the company’s Innovation and Technology effort to create VELOCITY 5D, a Next Generation 3D Digital Twins and Simulations platform using Artificial Intelligence (AI). He has deep knowledge and expertise in AI, Deep Learning, Cloud Technology and 3D. Before joining Presagis, he was Director of Innovation Development & Technology at Mila the Quebec AI Institute, working on innovative projects with Prof. Yoshua Bengio one of the deep learning godfathers. Sacha also worked for the 3D software company Autodesk, in M&E, AEC, Manufacturing industries leveraging AI and Cloud for products with millions of customers such as 3dsMax, Maya, Revit, Autocad, Fusion, Recap, Infraworks.


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