IEEE Future Networks World Forum
On-Demand through 15 November 2022

Special Sessions with Open Grid Alliance (OGA)

  • OGA1: The Grid is Remaking the Internet: True Stories from the Edge
    • Catalyzed by the emergence of edge infrastructure, 5G networks and billions of IoT devices, the Grid is the next step in the evolution of the Internet. Globally distributed, the Grid weaves together a public and private fabric of compute, data and intelligence to enable contextually aware, immersive applications at the edge, on demand.




  • OGA4: The Evolution of Urban Green Mobility Transportation and The Open Grid
    • From taxi drones, to mosquito helicopters, to autonomous vehicles, urban mobility is evolving at a rapid pace. The transportation of the future will require the low latency and processing volume of the open grid. Hear what’s in store for the city of Montréal and the innovative cities of the world such as ‘’South Korea city name’’ and what infrastructure we’ll need to support this progress


  • OGA5: Manufacturing 5.0 Powered by Edge AI
    • The Open Grid will democratize smart factories by making it possible to provide manufacturing and robotic services on a consumption basis



  • OGA7: NextGen Health Powered by The Open Grid And Edge AI
    • The Open Grid brings new possibilities to healthcare services and put humans at the center of what technologies can do. New agile services delivered on a consumption basis can improve human life and inclusion at many levels of our day to day activities.



  • OGA9: OGA Roundtable: Reimagining Connectivity for Life, Work, Play — With Open Grid
    • In this session, a panel of OGA members and experts will explore the complexities faced by emerging and immersive, edge-based applications. Specifically, the panel will explore the new requirements of the network and edge compute layers that are required to satisfy the demands, from a performance, scale and observability perspective.


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