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OGA2: City of Montréal: Sustainability, Digital Equity, Ethics


Bernard Duval (Mitacs & VMware)


  • Alex Poulin, Ville de Montréal, CTO
  • Thibault Camara , Ville de Montréal, Head of social business intelligence and optimization
  • Véronique Dufort, Head of open data and data strategy



Bernard Duval (Mitacs & VMware)
Bernard Duval is a technology transformation management Senior Advisor focusing for Future Networks (5G, 6G, Next G). He manages several collaborative research projects between industry and universities as part of the ENCQOR 5G project, Canada’s first pre-commercial 5G digital infrastructure corridor. The project is intended to make 5G networks accessible to Canadian businesses, researchers and universities, helping them realize its potential, promoting long-term economic growth within Canada’s innovation ecosystem. Bernard is also working on a 6G strategy for Canada in collaboration with renowned researchers and industry leaders. With over 20 years of managerial and advising experience in the information technology, e-commerce and communication sectors, Bernard focuses on negotiating and building partnerships, thereby bringing a business agreement or an innovation project to fruition.


Alex Poulin, Ville de Montréal CTO
As city CTO and design authority, Alex Poulin is responsible for technology strategies and solutions to support Montreal 2030 strategic plan. Montreal City is the 2nd largest city in Canada with about 2 millions citizens, the city is a local government of 50 business lines.

Bachelor degree in Computer engineering, his 25 year career led him in various IT architecture and management positions to support Montreal area large organization IT transformation projects. Previous experience as Director Consulting at CGI inc, executive partner at VM6 Software, IT Architecture and planning management positions, Ville de Montréal Cybersecurity opérations.

Innovation strategies, forward thinker, he is committed to building a team who enables Montreal business lines meeting needs with the best, highly secure, innovative and sustainable solutions.


Thibault Camara
Thibault Camara is a scientist who started his career in the academic world in economics before working for 5 years in the banking, finance and insurance sector as a data scientist. He joined the City in 2020 as head of the Social Business Intelligence and Optimization Division within the City of Montreal’s Diversity and Social Inclusion Department. With his team, he pursues the ambition of building social business intelligence within our metropolis by using data as a tool to perfect our mission as a city serving all Montrealers, to understand the extent of the impacts of our policies and to always better understand the populations and their needs.


Véronique Dufort

“Within the Urban Innovation Lab, Véronique coordinates Montreal’s Open Data and Data Strategy team. She leads and promotes municipal data initiatives, from responsible governance to sharing and valorization. As a geomatics engineer, her career has led her to develop municipal expertise especially in the fields of mobility, urban infrastructure and environment. She is committed to the development of an open and sustainable city by promoting data culture. ”



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