IEEE Future Networks World Forum
On-Demand through 15 November 2022


WS1: 5G Trials Across Multiple Vertical Industries – From Experiments To Business Validation

WS2: Workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Enabled Future Networks: A Cross-layer Perspective

WS3: Incorporating physical layer security in 6G security protocols

WS4: Workshop on Autonomic/Autonomous Networking and Autonomy in Future Networks, Interoperability & APIs, Progress & Open Challenges in Standards

WS5: Federated Testbed as a Service for Future Networks: Challenges & the State of the Art

WS7: Next Generation Routing and Management Infrastructures in 6G – NET-GENES22 Workshop


Workshop Co-Chairs
Workshop co-chair, Eman Hammad,
Workshop co-chair, Mohammad Patwary,
Workshop co-chair, Mithun Mukherjee,


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