IEEE Future Networks World Forum
On-Demand through 15 November 2022


In 2018, the IEEE Future Networks Initiative held the first IEEE 5G World Forum in Santa Clara, California. This new event brought more than 500 experts from industry, academia, and research together to exchange their visions and achieved advances towards 5G and beyond. The conference became an annual event that has grown every year, including during the COVID pandemic years.

During the virtual 2021 5G World Forum, seven of the twelve keynotes used the terms “6G” or “Beyond 5G.” It was clear that the conference’s continued success necessitated a name change that is immune to subsequent network generation “G” labeling. IEEE Future Networks had already gone through this process (it was initially called the IEEE 5G Initiative), so it made perfect sense to follow our organizer’s lead and rename the conference the Future Networks World Forum starting in 2022.

What has not changed is the mission of this global event or the quality expected from the volunteers that make up the conference’s steering and organizing committees. At the Future Networks World Forum, you can still expect top notch presentations across the following categories

  • workshops
  • panels
  • keynote talks
  • technical paper presentations
  • tutorials
  • networking sessions
  • demonstrations
  • industry forums
  • student programs

Each year typically also features newly introduced special sessions that highlight and showcase the many exciting developments in 5G and Beyond technologies that are occurring in both industry and academia.

For our sponsors, the Future Networks World Forum is an outstanding opportunity to showcase products and applications to an enthusiastic and engaged audience. It provides an ideal platform to reach hundreds of key decision-makers involved in 5G and future network generations. Before COVID rudely interrupted, our exhibition floor program was growing at an exciting pace with lots of innovative booths to interact with.

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