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TUT8: Development of Automatic Congestion Detection and Control Protocol (ACDCP) for Security in 5G & 6G Networks and their Societal Impacts


Sensors are made from solid state electronic devices; these include optical devices such as photo-transistors, light collecting diodes (LCDs), light emitting diodes (LEDs), and metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFETs). These devices are fabricated to form Micro power ominipolar Hall Effect Sensor Switches (MOHESS). Integrating micro power hall-effect sensor integrated circuits in mobile appliances results in wireless sensor networks (WSN), which can be motion or motionless. Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are used extensively in environmental monitoring and control, motion detection, vehicle tracking, crime, and burglary. The drawbacks of WSNs lie in the fact that data are lost due to congestion due to delays. Once data are congested, it will lead to delays and then packet loss. A great number of researchers have studied congestion control mechanisms using different methods and algorithms both in traffic congestion and underground ways. For example, nodes and gateways are normally employed for data reading and transmissions in WSN. To date, no efforts have been made to develop congestion detection and control based on the application of Automatic Congestion Detection and Control Protocol (ACDCP) as a solution to congestion and delay problems which will likely be associated with 5G and 6G Networks. This tutorial attempts to develop ACDCP with a test case within an academic institution for security in 5G and 6G WSN. It is hoped that the application of ACDCP may attempt to solve the problems associated with WSN, thereby contributing to the body of knowledge in solving congestion and delay problems for societal benefits. The development of ACDCP as a congestion-free router in areas where critical data loss, such as in hostile communities and institutions, should be encouraged. The successful completion of this research may result in the expansion of applications of WSNs in societies and institutions, where congestion and delay problems pose restrictions on their use.

Keywords: Automatic Congestion Detection and Control Protocol (ACDCP), Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), 5G, 6G


Christopher Udeagha, IEEE Senior Member, Senior Lecturer, School of Computing & Information Technology, University of Technology, Jamaica

Short Bio:  Engr. Christopher Udeagha (Professional Engineer) is a senior lecturer in the School of Computing & Information Technology, Faculty of Engineering & Computing, University of Technology, Jamaica. He published several conference and journal papers, IEEE Southeastcon and Future Technology Conferences (FTC). He has worked as a Trainee Engineer (Chevron), Process Computer Engineer (NNPC), Senior Signal and Telecommunications Engineer (Railway), and has over 15 Years of teaching experience. He is IEEE senior member and IEEE Communication Society Chair, Jamaica Chapter. Engr. Christopher Udeagha has won some IEEE Prestigious Meritorious Awards, including Outstanding Achievement in Membership Recruitment for Jamaica Section, 2015.2018 & 2020. Among all, he served Jamaica Institution of Engineers (JIE) as an ordinary member 2015/2016, Head of Engineering 2016/2017, Vice President of Marketing & Publications 2017/2018, JIE Conference Chair 2017/2018, Vice president of Engineering Affairs 2018/2019 & 2020/2021. Engr. Christopher Udeagha is a specialist in Computer Networks and Telecommunications, and he is presently researching on “Development of Automatic Congestion Detection and Control Protocol (ACDCP) for Security in 5G & 6G Wireless Sensor Networks and their Societal Impacts; A Case Study of a Developing Country, Jamaica.


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