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TUT10: 5G City – New Vertical Use Cases Enabled by 5G


5G stands for 5th generation cellular. What were the previous generations like? With 2G, I got off the plane, I called home saying that the flight had gone well; with 3G I bought a Nikkei stock from the beach, 4G allowed to watch a movie on the train. 5G will allow a massive internet of things: sensors, appliances, drones or robots connect to a telecommunications network and communicate with each other and with humans. So, there will be machine to machine, machine to human, and, of course, human-to-human communication, that is, the traditional one between two people. The tutorial describes an ideal city where 5G is deployed, innovative, and thematically diverse digital services requiring 5G capabilities and performance in the vertical domains of Factories of the Future, Smart Energy, Smart Cities, Smart Ports, and Media & Entertainment are going is in a pre-commercial phase. The process also comprehends the validation of technological performances of 5G technology in successfully serving them, as well as the business models and potential of these, use cases before commercial deployment.


Andrea Di Giglio, 5G-SOLUTIONS /TIM, Italy

Short Bio: Andrea Di Giglio (Dr.Eng) received a Dr. Eng. degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Pisa (Italy) and the Engineering License degree from Scuola S. Anna. He joined Telecom Italia Lab (formerly CSELT), that is the Telecom Italia Group’s Company for study, research, experimentation, and qualification in the field of Telecommunications and Information Technology. The fields of his research are addressed toward Internet Security, Storage Area Networks and Optical Networks Architecture. He was involved in the architectural Work Package of the IST Project Nobel (Phase 1 and 2) “Next generation Optical networks for Broadband European Leadership” as Work Package leader and ICT STRONGEST as project coordinator. Dr. Di Giglio is the author of dozens of publications, including books, conference papers and workshops and it is currently the project coordinator of 5G-SOLUTIONS, flagship project for European Commission research for the Verticals’ usage of 5G Connectivity.


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