IEEE Future Networks World Forum
On-Demand through 15 November 2022

S1: Symposium on 6G Mobile Networks

DATE: 13 October 2022 // HYBRID

SESSION 1: Worldwide Panel: Sustainable Intelligent Next G Systems (SINGS) (11:00-12:30 EST)

Steering Committee: Dr. Mallik Tatipamula, CTO Ericsson, Dr. Robert Crawhall, Executive Director at Canadian Academy of Engineering, Pierre Boucher, ENCQOR, Professor Alberto Leon-Garcia, University of Toronto, Professor Mohamed Cheriet, ÉTS, Hyelim Kim, Mitacs Future Networks Team, Prasad Garigapati, Ericsson, Latif Ladid, Founder & President, IPv6 Forum, Founding Co-Chair, FNWF’2022, Co-Chair, IEEE Blockchain Initiative: Conferences & Events, Research Fellow, University of Luxembourg,; Nancy Alonistioti, Chair, one6G, Co-Chair Dept. Informatics and Telecommunications NKUA, Assoc. Prof. National Kapodistrian University of Athens,

The Worldwide Panel on Sustainable Intelligent Next G Systems (SINGS) is hosted by the Canadian Academy of Engineering and MITACS in conjunction with the IEEE Future Networks World Forum.

The purpose of the panel is to convene global experts in order to help set a Canadian research agenda for communications networks that will meet Canada’s requirements in the 2030 – 2050 timeframe. We also want to ensure that communications networks will be compatible with networks being planned and the associated research being funded in the US, EU, UK, S. Korea, and Japan. “Future Networks” will encompass 6G systems, satellite, aerial, and stratospheric “3D” platforms, deep use of artificial intelligence and quantum computing for communication, and compute and control functions probably in an integrated Cloud/edge/network architecture. Canadian investments in technologies such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing along with a national research strategy for communications networks will ensure that Canadian companies are well-positioned to compete internationally for business.

Moderator: Jesse Vincent-Herscovici, Vice President, Business Development, Mitacs


  1. Gurdip Singh, National Science Foundation (NSF), US
  2. Bethany Taylor, Senior Portfolio Manager, ICT, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), UK
  3. Dr. Glenn Goodall, Head of ICT, Research Portfolio Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), UK
  4. Masa Kawashima, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, Japan
  5. Bernard Barani, Deputy Head of Unit at European Commission – DG CONNECT – Future Connectivity Systems
  6. Sungho Choi, Ministry of ICT, Government of S. Korea
  7. Professor Akihiro Nakao, University of Tokyo and Chairperson of International Committee of Beyond5G Promotion
  8. Alberto Leon-Garcia, University of Toronto, Canada
Session Organizers

SESSION 2: Keynote and Paper Presentations (14:00-15:30 EST)

  • 14:00 – Keynote: “Immersive Telepresence’s impact on KPI’s and Technologies in 6G” – Nizar Messaoudi, Keysight Technologies
    • Every new wireless generation has aggressive 10X to 100X targets for network KPI’s. And in the early phases of every generation, there is speculation about the “killer application” which requires those new KPI’s: that which will drive the most usage and revenue. That killer application for 6G is almost impossible to predict. But exploring just one of the target 6G applications illustrates a demand for most of the new KPI’s and requirements on almost all wireless telecommunications technologies. Giampaolo will explore how these demands will impact design and measurement as we move from 5G to 6G.
  • 14:30 – TinyDRaGon: Lightweight Radio Channel Estimation for 6G Pervasive Intelligence – Melina J. Geis, Benjamin Sliwa, Caner Bektas and Christian Wietfeld (TU Dortmund University, Germany)
  • 14:45 – IRS-aided UAV Communications: A Survey and Future Research Opportunities – Anas Alkhatieb (Umm Al-Qura University/ RIKAZ Co., Saudi Arabia); Ramez Alkhatib (University of Hama, Syria)
  • 15:00 – Efficient Transfer Learning in 6G – Saeedeh Parsaeefard and Alberto Leon-Garcia (University of Toronto, Canada)
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SESSION 3: 6G Think Tank Outcomes – What should Canada do to lead future networks research? (16:00-17:30 EST)

During the Future Networks World Forum, renowned Canadian researchers will be meeting in 4 separate roundtable groups in a think tank-style exercise to discuss what Canada should do to lead future networks research, given our strengths in telecoms, networking, and AI. In this session, the roundtable groups will report on the results of their exercise; join us to hear the outcomes and provide your input.

The four groups are driven by topics selected at the first CAE International Workshop, held in Ottawa in March 2022:

  1. Trustworthiness (including cybersecurity)
    • Lead: Nur Zincir-Heywood, Distinguished Research Professor, Associate Dean of Research, (Dalhousie University)
    • Advisor : Dr. Mourad Debbabi, Dean & Professor Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science (Concordia University)
  1. Accessibility (including reliable bandwidth to northern, rural and remote communities)
    • Lead: Halim Yanikomeroglu, Professor, FIEEE, FEIC, FCAE, (Carleton University)
    • Advisor: Richard Boudreau, P.Phys., MEng, MBA
  1. Sustainability (including major reductions in carbon footprint per bit and per bit-mile
    • Lead: Professor Charles Despins, ÉTS Montréal
    • Advisor: Professor Heather McLane, University of Toronto
  1. Intelligence (including system-wide autonomous control and maintenance)
    • Lead: Professor Brigitte Jaumard, Concordia University
    • Advisor: Professor Steve Liu, McGill University
  2. Gurdip Singh, National Science Foundation (NSF), US
  3. Benoit Pelletier, Next G Alliance (NGA), North America
    • NGA Steering Group Co-Chair
    • Director, Next Gen Ecosystems & Alliances in the Advanced Technologies VMware
Session Organizers

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