IEEE Future Networks World Forum
On-Demand through 15 November 2022

S2: Symposium on Blockchain Future Networks

13 October 2022 // 16:00 – 17:30 // Hybrid


Integrating business processes between enterprises requires a high level of trust between the involved parties. The 2-3 tier IT architectural model is solely based on trusting the party hosting the data layer. However, blockchain introduces a cloud agnostic and virtualized distributed architecture that facilitates a swift integration. Thus, no single entity is exclusively in charge or in control, forging trust between enterprises, suppliers, third parties, network operators and customers – across a whole supply chain.

This session will show real use cases in full production, adopted for global finance, our 5G core business, as well as the future potential of combining 6G and blockchain.


  • Symposium Keynote: Giovanni Franzese, Ericsson
  • Accepted Paper Presentations (see below)
  • Panel discussion moderated by Latif Ladid


QUIC Bitcoin: Fast and Secure Peer-to-peer Payments and Payment Channels 
Alessio Pagani (nChain, United Kingdom (Great Britain) & IMI University of Bath, United Kingdom (Great Britain))

Data Streaming over Bitcoin Payment Channels
Jack Owen Davies (University of Bath & nChain, United Kingdom (Great Britain)); Wei Zhang (nChain, United Kingdom (Great Britain))


  • Latif Ladid, Founder & President, IPv6 Forum, Founding Co-Chair, FNWF’2022, Co-Chair, IEEE Blockchain Initiative: Conferences & Events, Research Fellow, University of Luxembourg


Giovanni Franzese, Ericsson

Bio: Giovanni has 25 years’ international experience in IT and telco, from technical roles to business and sales in various countries.  Currently, he is Head of Enterprise Blockchain Execution at Ericsson.

He led the launch at scale of the first global enterprise blockchain solution in full production within Ericsson, introducing for the first time ever blockchain technology in the Ericsson Enterprise Architecture landscape.

Giovanni is Mentor for MIT blockchain course and he is part of the Board of Directors at Corda Network Foundation, and the Board of Directors at Moralis Web3. Giovanni holds a Master of Engineering, MBA and several technical and management certifications from prestigious universities.


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