IEEE Future Networks World Forum
On-Demand through 15 November 2022

FP8: Future Networks Entrepreneurship and Innovations Forum (EIF)


5G and its extensions (i.e., B5G) have unleashed significant entrepreneurial, innovation, and investment opportunities the world over. It is generally entrepreneurial pioneers and startups who take the risk with developing new and innovative technologies, products, and services, and introducing them to the market. The Future Networks Entrepreneurship and Innovations Forum (EIF) is designed to actively promote the engagement of entrepreneurs and young businesses in pioneering innovations in 5G and B5G and to stimulate vibrant discussions on how these would improve and evolve with time as technologies mature to deliver their full potential. The EIF offers a platform for innovators from the entrepreneur community to present and showcase their evolutionary or revolutionary technological strategies, and potentially disruptive business models. It also provides a networking venue for startup executives, entrepreneurs, investors, academics, and participants.

Session Outline

  • Company Presentations
  • Investor Panel
  • Canadian Startup Support Programs
  • IEEE Entrepreneurship


Session co-chairs:
Titus Lo –
Sudhir Dixit –

Panel & Industry Forums Co-Chair:
Ajay Rajkumar –


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